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A Quantum Convergence is now Lauren Beckwith, scientist and oncologist, works tirelessly to identify corporations responsible for industrial pollution. When pollution shows up in her own pristine Colorado wilderness, her friends challenge her to do something more than merely identify it. With her judgment and professional ethics questioned, Lauren ponders her life choices and her role in preserving the fragile ecosystem. Alexandra Aoeron Aonwyn, Queen of Fuar Ćala, is dealing with the after-effects of a devastating bioweapon released on her world that causes the children to contract a mysterious disease and die. If Alex is not able to find a cure, her people are doomed to extinction after her generation. When a winter field trip, a raging blizzard, and a grievous injury bring Lauren and Alex together, both are puzzled by their growing connection. Will they develop a soulmates’ bond strong enough to create a critical quantum convergence? Or will they perish alone in the wilderness?

Award-winning Narrator-Hillary Huber-brings A Quantum Convergence to life.

Journey around the globe with CIA-analyst Colonel Samantha Michaels as she chases the rising nuclear threats from the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. Fears mount as more weapons of mass destruction are tested by the country’s Supreme Leader. Nuclear and chemical risk to allies within southeast Asia increase with each weapon launched. When missiles capable of reaching the United States are launched, the world knows North Korea must be stopped.

As the threat of North Korean weapons of mass destruction from increases, a new pandemic emerges. After surviving the SARS-CoV2 outbreak, the world panics. Not able to identify the source, the method of transmission, or the agent, the world health organizations are baffled by this new threat. Time is of the essence as the lethality of the new disease reaches 91%.

Taken from the headlines of today’s news, The Paris Contagion spans the globe. Can the Supreme Leader of the Democratic Republic of Korea be stopped before Armageddon is launched on the world?

In the wake of the Hebridean insurrection, which threatened the safety and future of her homeworld, Alex of Terra is focused on isolating the conspirators so no further harm can be done. Her soulmate, Lauren of Earth, prepares to become Alex’s Consort and the Co-Ruler of the Terran people, but she is plagued with horrible nightmares from the aftermath of recent trauma. She’s also dealing with the sadness of believing she abandoned her dearest friends whom she left behind on her own homeworld.

When it becomes clear that a trip through the nexus to Earth is necessary, Alex and Lauren make plans to travel there despite the many obstacles they face on Terra. The trip will be risky, but they have determination and the comfort of their soul connection.

But neither is prepared for what happens next, and when their enemies lash out, will they be able to survive the vicious attacks?