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Quantum Time

Nexus Series, Arc 2, Book 1, Forthcoming 2024

Seven years have passed since Lauren and Alex defeated the Clan Cador rebellion. Seven years of peace and growth for the thirteen Terran clans.

Now the rulers of Terra are preparing to send the Comin heir—G’iad’a—back to her homeworld. The young heir spent the last years fostering on Terra with the rulers and the clans. Learning leadership, science, space navigation and engineering, and military strategy. Skills she will need to lead her world out of their disastrous past and into a promising future.

Lauren and Alex travel with the heir across the Milky Way to visit the clan’s devastated homeworld—Terra Prime. Sadness and sorrow fill Alex’s heart at the destruction they find on the once beautiful planet. Can they utilize the new Terran discoveries to restore Terra. Or will the Comin terraforming processes work? Or will something from Earth-reality help to rebuild this planet.

Old enemies are now allies but new enemies emerge from unexpected places. Lauren and Alex must again rally the clans. But time is again an enemy? What do they find at the edge of the Comin Nebula? Will time flow forward or back within the next convergence?